Bylaws, Rules, & Regulations

Bylaws, Rules, & Regulations


MBYSA Bylaws (PDF) - Outline the written rules for conduct of MBYSA. MBYSA Bylaws provide for meetings, elections of a board of directors and officers, filling vacancies, notices, types and duties of officers, committees, assessments and other routine conduct. MBYSA Bylaws are, in effect a contract among members, and must be formally adopted and/or amended. 


Rules & Regulations

MBYSA Rules & Regulations (PDF) - Outline Registration Requirements, Proper Dress, Team (Policies Regarding), Transfer Of Player, Field Of Play, Competition Guidelines, Player/Substitution Requirements, Duration Of Game & Ball Size, Game Officials, (Referees/Assistant Referees), Coaches’ Game Responsibilities, MBYSA Coach Guidelines Special Rules of Play, MBYSA’s Under 6 “Laws Of The Game”, MBYSA’s U-8 “Laws Of The Game”, MBYSA’s Protest And Appeal Procedure, CYSA’s Protests & Appeals (Section 1), MBYSA’s All Star Pick Procedures, Competitive Soccer “Club Teams”.

U18 Interleague Rules

All-Star Picks (PDF) - Updated Rule 16 concerning All-star picks



Morongo Basin Youth Soccer Association

Spring Soccer Season Rules and Regulations 2017

Goal: To introduce new players to the sport of soccer in fun, low-stress

Environment while preparing players of all skill levels for the competitive Fall Season.

1. Registration:
a. This program is open to all U6 – U18 Players
b. Registration Deadline: Date will be determined by the Registrar (or until the registration cap is reached)
c. Registration times, dates, and locations will be posted on our website: and facebook
d. Spring is a non-traveling season
2. Teams:
a. Teams will be COED.
b. Divisions include: U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18. Divisions may be combined.
c. Players will be assigned to teams, by the Executive Board, using the primary goal of competitive balance.
d. Game format will be no more that 9v9 based on the number of registrations received. Games will be played according to Fall MBSYA Rules.
3. Practices and Games:
a. The Practice schedule will be maintained by Director of Coaches and Game schedule determined and maintained by the Vice President.
b. Team Standings will not be established.
c. All games and practices will be held at league designated fields – Rain or Shine.
d. Practices will not exceed 2 days per week during designated days and hours.
e. Practices will be allowed a minimum of 1 hour in length per practice, for all divisions.
f. Coaches will now adhere to a mandatory quarter substitution and 50% play rule.
g. Scrimmages will be allowed provided that:
i. Field space is available
ii. Coaches will notify the Director of Coaches of a scheduled scrimmage
iii. Requesting team(s) scrimmage will replace scheduled practice time for the week.
iiii. Requesting team(s) may only scrimmage other teams in the same division.
4. Fields and Equipment:
a. Fields size not to exceed Cal South recommended parameters for each division. 
b. Goal size will be based on Cal South recommended parameters.
c. Ball size will be based on division age (u6-u8 size 3; u10-u12 size 4; 

u14-u18 size 5).

5. Coaches:
a. There will be no more than 2 coaches assigned to a Team. (Head Coach and Assistant Coach)
b. There will be a maximum 2 team representatives (head coach, assistant coach or team assistant/parent) allowed on the coaches side during games.
c. U6 coaches will be required to have successfully completed the F license course prior to the first day of practices.
d. U8 coaches will be required to have successfully completed the F license course prior to the first day of practices.
e. U10 and above coaches are recommended to have an “E” license prior to the first day of practices.
f. Spring volunteers interest in Assistant Coaching are not required to have an E license, but must at minimum have an F license in order to stand in for the Head Coach during league scheduled game.
g. Coaches will be allowed to retain their child(ren) only.
h. Volunteer coaches will be assigned to a team based on the needs of the league as determined by the board of directors. No priority will be given to any coach.
i. Coaches will be required to adhere to the MBYSA Spring Season Coaching Guidelines, any coach found not able or willing to follow these guidelines will be subject to required coaching remediation or dismissal as determined by the Executive Board.
j. All Volunteers must be Live Scanned prior to volunteering.
k. Any Team Assistant must have a licensed coach or board member present in order to run a practice.

Any Rule not mentioned herein will follow the current Fall Rules and Regulations.

Any actions by players, coaches, administrators, or spectators that are considered detrimental to Morongo Basin Youth Soccer Association may result in disciplinary measures, including, but not limited to, removal from the field, suspension, and/or permanent banning from all Morongo Basin Youth Soccer events.

Amended February 2017